Museum buildings' steps

The Steps in the Garden 
Behind the Woman's Council
This is one of my favorite places to paint in Bay View.  The light is always changing and the garden is doing something different every time I go there.  Move three feet one way or the other and the view and perspective of the quirky buildings change.  Zoom in,  zoom out . . .      The garden is right behind the Woman's council building with a good view of the museum buildings just a few feet away.

I did this watercolor sketch at least a month ago, and now the sun and the garden have really changed.  It's very dark and windy today.  I'm all about comfort  -  I won't be going out painting.

Do you have any creative plans for the weekend?


Monica said...

Lovely sketch and it would be my place if I lived there!

Catherine said...

Thanks, Monica.

Becky said...

I live in Pa. close to the mts. There is a lovely cafe that always has the prettiest seasonal decorations. It is my goal to try and paint one of the views.

Catherine said...

Becky - that sounds fun! Just planning to sketch gets our creativity going, doesn't it?