Looking North

The View Out the Front Window

When I did this little watercolor sketch in my journal a few days ago, the Bay was actually this blue  -  a very Prussian blue.  Today the view is softened by snow.  I don't know if "softened" is the right word.  "Softened" has kind of a positive connotation, and this is not feeling too positive to me.

Oh well.  It is cozy and warm in here, I'm having my second cup of coffee, I have a sketch I'm working on, and I AM going to enjoy watching the snow fall.  Right now out the front window, it looks just like this little painting with a piece of tracing paper or translucent vellum over it. Pretty.

Are you sketching?


MyLittleBlueDog said...

Lovely sketch, I jealous about the snow! Stinking hot here.

Marj said...

Yay! You're back. Lovely scene--we have no snow downstate here in our area. Trying to sketch often :-)

Catherine said...

Little Blue Dog - thanks! I am jealous of YOUR hot weather!

Marj - Our snow didn't last too long - yet. Good for you - sketching often!

Margie said...

So charming Catherine. And, in answer to your question, not enough. Plan to remedy that post haste!