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This is a very quick contour drawing loosely painted with watercolor.  I did this after my class left on Thursday.

For me, contour (continuous line) drawing is very much like connect-the-dots  -  connect-the-shapes.  I really don't know what's going to happen until the end.  I'm thinking "shapes", not "objects".  Some of those shapes might be negative spaces, not an object at all.

I'm not thinking about composition either.  I'm just getting down the information that's there.  I can put it to good use later. I can move things around for a better composition (although I I am pretty happy with this), and shape up that clay pot on the right.

I can't believe it is January 11th already.  I have waited so long to begin a fresh start, that it just isn't fresh anymore.  I'm not good at fresh starts anyway  -  I do better just plodding along.  I enjoy plodding along, so I'm doing okay.


Margie said...

Such a great lesson for us on contoured drawings! I think the composition is stellar. Love the colors you used. So full of life.

Marj said...

I like this one too! plodding along is best, isn't it?
BTW, Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

This was a fun lesson and I am so glad to be back in classes.

Catherine said...

Margie - thanks for all the kind words! Glad you liked it.

Marj - Yes, I like plodding :)

Anonymous - I'm glad to be back in the swing of classes too. Glad you had fun with the lesson.

Diana said...

HI Catherine, I too like the plodding along. I love your words on contour drawing too.. the negative and the positive. Lovely work as always Catherine, Love to you,Diana