Yellow Leaves in Snow

The Last of the Colorful Trees
I painted this tree this afternoon in my sketchbook to capture the last of the bright leaves.  The sky and the hills across the Bay were a very dark gray-blue.  The wind was blowing and it started to snow.  It's very likely the leaves will be gone by morning. It's a rather delicate looking tree, but apparently very strong willed  -  all the large trees have given up their leaves long ago.

I liked the contrast of the warm yellow and the deep blue.  Doesn't nature have some fabulous color combinations?!

November 11th  -  thank you Veterans!!!


Margie said...

The VERY best!

Marj said...

Ditto! Thanks to the Vets--love 'em.
Yes, we also have many "golds" left! We even got snow flurries here (downstate) this evening and the grass is white. Our new deck is pure white :-) because it's cold beneath.
We have some solid red maples (mostly smaller ones) left too.

kkubov@charter.net said...

You found a bright spot in our grey world. Good for you.

Diana said...

Catherine, it's beautiful, I agree about the colors and blessings to our veterans.love,Diana

Marj said...

forgot to say how lovely this watercolor is....love the gold against the snow flurried blue-grey sky!
This time of the year--we do have to look for the bright spots!

Catherine said...

Margie and Marj - I love the golds and bright reds against the dark skies - such drama.

Karen - we have to look hard sometimes. It has been SO dark.

Diana - thanks!