Day 4 of "blog everyday"

Margaret's Birch Trees
This page in my journal was a demonstration during a class this past summer.  We were painting at a student's home on a beautiful lake.  It was one of those intriguing places with lots of family history, long front porches, multiple cottages, a tennis court, a long winding drive back to the lakeside property .  .  .

Now winter is setting in, but they can't take that day at Margaret's away from us. All of us who were there that day have something in our sketchbooks to remind us.  Photographs remind us of an event or place, but sketches help us to remember how it felt, smelled, and sounded, and tasted of course  -  we did have lunch on one of those looong porches.

Carry your sketchbooks around with you so you don't miss anything.


Margie said...

Love this of my favorite trees. Nice words accompanying it too Catherine.

Nora said...

Beautiful paintings, especially this one. Can't wait to see more :)

Terry said...

This is so lovely! Your words truly express the special joy of journalling compared to photography.