Day 29

Cathy's Zinnias and Cosmos
This is a demonstration in my sketchbook, done last summer in one of our bookbinding classes. 

This is day 29 of blogging every day in November.   It has been a busy day, and I'm getting a little blurry eyed, so I think posting this little sketch is about it for now.  More eating, dominoes, even a little shopping today, and family games tonight.  Fun!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  Are you still eating turkey?


Margie said...

Love the blue background! Great thanksgiving. Our kids were in fri. New York. Lots of laughs. Did you enjoy your month of posting as much as we enjoyed reading them?

Catherine said...

Margie - the blue in the background is Lake Charlevoix : ) Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving. Yes, the blogging was fun. Glad you enjoyed it.

Cindy said...

Love it! This is what I want to learn to do! However I can't draw or paint. How do I get started?