Day 15

Sketchbook Pages from Summer
Today is the first day of firearm deer hunting season in Michigan.  This is almost a national holiday in Northern Michigan.  When our kids were in school, students could even get excused from school to go hunting on opening day!  Maybe they still do that.  Everyone up here knows that if you are hiring  some work done, it had better be completed by the 15th or it will set there unfinished for two weeks.  I had a friend who was in an accident many years ago during hunting season in northern Michigan, and the whole volunteer emergency crew was deer hunting, and there was no one to respond to the call.

On the left side of the pages above, are some little vignettes I did at the lavender farm.  That's all I did  -  there are just too many people to talk to.  The right hand page is a demo I did the next day in a Bay View class.

Here we are in the middle of November, and it seems like only yesterday that I did these sketches.

Happy Birthday to granddaughter Katie!!!


Diana said...

so far it's been a long month, harder to do this year. Your sketches are wonderful, love,Diana

Margie said...

So true about deer hunting season in northern Michigan! Love seeing your w/c sketches.

Catherine said...

Thanks Diana, and YOU are doing a great job!

Margie - it sounds as if you speak from experience :)