Folded Journal

Closed  -  Opening  -  Opened
I have no idea what this is called.  It is a folded journal, but I'm sure it has a name   -  I mean, there are a million ways to fold a folded journal.

Last summer, or fall, one of the participants in our bookbinding class showed us a beautiful book she had purchased that was folded like this.  My friend, Joanne, took one look at it and went home that night and made one.  I was still googling it with no luck.

A few days ago, Joanne showed me how to make them.  Without getting into detail here, it is made with three square pieces of paper overlapped and glued together in the middle  -  the squares at the center "X".  Book board, covered with decorative paper, is glued onto the squares at each end.  The cover is not hinged.  The size is about 5 X 5.  Each of the three folded sheets of paper started out 10" X 10".

I am not the one to ask how this is folded, so I am not going to do a tutorial.  I'm sure I will have to have Joanne standing by the next time I make one.

Now I have to decide what to use it for  -  a special weekend?  A trip?  Gardening?  A "collection" of some kind?  If I analyze the possibilities too long, I won't use it.  Just do it!

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