Year End

Wrapping Up Another Year
I was just going back over some blog posts from 2012.  Some of these are from lessons, and some are just from life.

It's been a good year. Lots of classes with wonderful students, lots of family fun, good times with good friends, and it's been a healthy and active year.

Chris Guillebeau, from the blog The Art of Non-Conformity spends an entire week reviewing the old year  -  what worked, what didn't. Sometimes I wonder if I'm paying enough attention to be able to do that.  I do re-cap after each workshop, and go back over class lessons and demos to see what could be improved.  I also make notes of students' suggestions, and try to plan new things to do.  And, yes, I do write out goals for the new year  -  not resolutions, but some things I'd like to add to, or subtract from, my classes and my life. I could easily spend a week re-capping.  I can spend a week writing out my grocery list.

Christmas comes and goes so quickly.  I actually felt a little sad today as I put away my Christmas socks.

What are your plans for 2013?  


Lady Fishbone said...

It's been a wonderful year! I Love your artworks.

I wish I could improve more in arts, hopefully on 2013 I can do more paintings, explore more.

I agree with you with writing out goals for the new year - not resolutions.

Have a happy, fruitful and goal achieving 2013 :)

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Catherine - I too could spend a week recapping as well what didn't work and what did and I relate to taking a week to write my grocery list. One of the things I am adding to my goals (not resolutions) is to visit your blog more often. Have a Happy New Year.

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Nice recap and the collage fotos of your work look great! Happy New Year!

Marj said...

This is the first time i've taken the time to look at Blogs in over a week...busy times with family over the Holidays! Always love your illustrations and I can truly say I love looking back thru my watercolor journals--it is such a great way to keep memories. Thanks to your classes, I must have at least a dozen journals.... :-)

Diana said...

HI Catherine, you had a beautiful year. Your posts and work is always an inspiration to me. love to you,Diana happy new year!

Catherine said...

Thanks Jessica - I think we all want to improve, so maybe our first goal should be paint paint paint!

Debbie - so glad to have you visiting the blog. happy New Year to you too.

Thanks Cynthia, and Happy New Year to you.

Marj - I must say, your journals are beautiful!!!

Thanks Diana - happy New Year to you also!