November 17th

Colorful Art Supplies
I keep my art supplies out on my work tables.  All the bright colored pens, pencils, markers, etc. are pretty inspirational, and it's nice to have them within reach.  If I had to put these things away in a drawer or cabinet, I'd never find them.  We all have our own style, and I think it is important to use your own style when it comes to how and where you keep your art supplies.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I learned at an early age that it's important to have your own work space, if at all possible.  It doesn't need to be large, but it does need to be yours.

Today is the anniversary of the first time my husband and I met.  A looong time ago.  Today we put up the storm windows and made a trip to the dump.  Then we made burgers and watched some old Freisher episodes.We really know how to celebrate, don't we?


myra anderson said...

awww . . . congratulations! I think that is sooo sweet! Love your art supplies!

Anonymous said...

sounds pretty much like how my husband and I would do it!! We are coming up to 40 years together, happy anniversary to you!

Martha said...

hello!!your blog is absolutely beautiful, i love it:)

annie said...

Congratulations, Catherine, on your years together. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate it. Your art supplies are bright and inspirational.

Unknown said...

I agree! And I love seeing the Dundee Marmalade jar holding your things. I have one my mother used to put daisies in ... it brings back so many memories.

Marj said...

Catherine, your "celebration" proves you aren't tired of each other yet :-) Congratulations.
Creative use of jars, etc. is fun--I even have one now that I use for my "paste" brush and water when bookbinding :-)

Catherine said...

Last Cup - thanks!

Thanks Laurie!

Martha - thanks. I'm glad you like it!

Hi Annie - thanks. After all these years, my husband still wants me to go the dump with him :)

Oma - what do you keep in your marmalade jar?

Marj - Thanks. No, we sure aren't tired of each other. We will be looking for a little sketch of your jar and paste brush on your blog.