November 14th

This is a demonstration I did in class this morning.  The purpose was to show how I would draw the fruit first, and then draw the bowl around it, instead of drawing the bowl and then adding the fruit.  I did a contour drawing of the oranges, paying attention to the angles where the individual oranges met up or overlapped.

Another purpose of the demonstration was to show how I would swoop across the oranges with one color,  go back and add deeper and varying warm color, and then put in cool shadows.

I don't know why it's easier to draw the fruit first and then the bowl, but it is.  Trust me. Better yet  -  try it.

Is everyone doing the Thanksgiving countdown?  Are the tablecloths ready?  Do you have to clean out the fridge and freezer.  Is the guest bedding all set?  Have you planned a centerpiece? Do you have to polish the silver?  Are you using your grandma's china  -  have you washed it?  Or if you're not hosting  -  have you planned your dish to pass?  Wow  -  that sounds a lot easier!


Sand Hill Art said...

from now on, fruit first! thanks.

Marj said...

Love the Oranges in the Bowl. I'll be making my Cranberry-Orange Relish tonight so that it can "ripen" in the refrigerator for a week! It turns such a pretty color. I might try to watercolor a couple oranges in a bowl with a few fresh Cranberries--don't think I'll paint the finished relish :-)

Catherine said...

Sally - yes, always - fruit first :)

Marj - the cranberries with the oranges would be very pretty. Right, probably not the relish :)