November 10th

I did nothing creative all day.  Of course the day isn't over yet.  I've packed up my summer clothes, cleaned our closet a bit, tried to do something with things I didn't know what to do with.  When in doubt, make a run to the "donation station" at the resale shop.  It has been very dark here all day  -  a good day to grub and sort.

The picture posted here is our cat, Rudy.  He's waiting for my class to arrive.  He loves people!  He especially loves the people in my classes, and I don't blame him.  I do too. 

I suppose I could get creative with dinner, or I could just have the sandwiches that my husband brought home from an all-day conference his library was hosting.  Let's see  -  from-scratch dinner? Ready-made sandwiches?   That's a no brainer.


Diana said...

HI Catherine, our kitty's name is Rudy too. She's not overly friendly. Daisy,our lab, was the one waiting to visit. Love this photo. take care, love,Diana

annie said...

Awwwww...This picture has made me smile since you posted it. So good to see Rudy, again. I have saved a photo of him and some of your potted Geraniums. I love his patiently waiting for your class. Is he willing to just WATCH?

My cat, Milo,insists on getting
right into the action, so I have to wait for his nap time in order to paint. And then, the moment I snap the light on, here he comes to sit in the middle of it and try to chew on my brushes. I even got a toothbrush to keep his attention off WC brushes. But it doesn't work...

Marj said...

Would love to have Rudy for a Class-mate :-) He makes me smile.
Have you ever watercolored him?

Catherine said...

Hi Diana - our Rudy is very friendly and very vocal, and always has to have the last word.

Hi Annie - Your cat, Milo, would be like having a kid in the house again : ) Good thing for you that cats take very long naps. Rudy likes to drink the paint water, but I keep it covered when I'm not using it - manganese and cobalt water might not be too good for him. Fortunately, he doesn't get up on the tables when students are here.

Marj - Rudy would love to have you as a classmate too! I have never watercolored him.