Tiny Pumpkins at Dawn

A Page in my Sketchbook
These tiny pumpkins were sitting on the window sill in my studio and the early morning sky was very dark blue behind them.  A few days later, I painted the pears that were on the kitchen counter while I was getting dinner.  Yes, I did paint them while I was getting dinner  -  you know, when the mood strikes. Remember, some of the pigments are toxic, so try not to be too sloppy with them in the kitchen.  Remember what happened to Vincent Van Gogh.  No, not the ear thing, the ingesting of paint thing.  Too much lead white pigment in his kitchen.

We have had rain and more rain, but yesterday was beautiful  -  sunny and warm. This little painting is of some flowers still hanging on in a small metal urn in friend Karen's garden.  It is watercolor done on mi teintes paper.  I really didn't expect the watercolor to cover that well.  I like the effect.  I'm going to try Prismacolor pencils next on this paper.   I bound some of it into my sketchbook. Try out some different papers now and then  - it sparks creativity in simple ways.  Try some different paper, pencils, pens, brushes.
Remember,  we aren't after a finished product or a masterpiece each and every time we pick up our art supplies, but somewhere in all that playing and experimenting, we'll get one.


Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

"We'll get one..."
Good point
I must remember that.
Love your blog and seeing your artwork

Catherine said...

Maywyn, thanks!
Happy painting.

Marj said...

Love that Urn of Flowers....did you do that with W/C Pencils? (or just colored pencils?)

Catherine said...

Marj - it's done in watercolor - not pencil. Surprising, isn't it, that it covered that well?

Anonymous said...

they are lovely, just beautiful, I'm joining to follow you again, I had blog troubles and had to start a new blog, I learned watercolors from your book a few years ago, its an excellent resource that's for sure,

Catherine said...

Thanks Laurie! - and welcome back to the blogging world.