Painting with a Triad

Demonstrations from Today's Class
A triad is a variation of the three primaries  -  red, blue, and yellow.  For this demo I used quinacridone red, ultramarine blue, and hansa yellow.  We were just trying out different ways of getting the paint on the paper.

The little peppers are sooo cute  -  very small (about an inch and a half) and very bright.  They say they are sweet, but I haven't tasted them yet.  So  -  if these very small peppers are sweet, what happens with the rule "the smaller the pepper, the hotter pepper"?  I know very little about peppers, and I liked that rule.  It seemed simple enough, but now  .   .   .

Are you sketching today?


Sandy Sandy Art said...

Interesting comparison. Not as much difference as I would expect.

Sand Hill Art said...

I think I'll take this lesson example to our meeting next week as 90% of the members are watercolorists. Now I just have to find the peppers.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Thank you for such a nice post

I need to read this. I'm about to start foliage season watercolors, and this will help increase my enthusiasm.

Marj said...

Always love your "lessons" in triads, figures, flowers, or whatever. Now I'll need to find some cute peppers.....
BTW, thanx for the Anniv. Greetings. :-)

Catherine said...

Sandy Sandy - not as much difference as I would have expected either. The next day (different class) the results were not exactly like the first day, but still not that different.

Sand Hill Art - I bought the peppers at a farm market, but I think the grocery store (do you have a Meijer near you?) has them in packages. I know there are some bags of a little bit larger ones that are easy to find, but I think Meijer has the small ones.

Maywyn - A triad is perfect for fall painting - you can get really rich colors without getting muddy. Different color combinations are fun too - a different blue, red, and yellow.

Marj - I got these at a farm market, but I think you can find them bagged in supermarkets. Do you have a Meijer?