Gazebo at the Boyne City Park

A Watercolor Sketch Done During 
a Book  Binding Journaling Workshop
Our book binding/journal painting workshops have finished up, and now I guess I am back into my "off-season" mode  -  mid-September until early June.  I have scheduled my regular weekly watercolor classes to begin the first week in October.  This morning it's dark and getting cooler by the minute.

 I still have art supplies covering every surface in my studio/classroom.  In my "little studio" (a small room between our back entry and my classroom) is so full of stuff that I can't get to the drawers and shelves to put it away.  I think it is time to pull everything out and start over.

The sketch, above, was a continuous line demonstration, and about painting the negative shapes to give us the positive object. This only took a few minutes. It was a beautiful day to paint in the park.

Now I think I will see how quickly I can clean off these tables.  How hard can it be?


Marj said...

So glad you're back! (on post :-)
Hope the bookbinders had as much fun as I did taking your class.
Right now I'm 2 watercolor journals ahead :-)
Only you could draw one continuous line drawing and have it turn out so well. Colors are perfect. I'm still practicing Birch Trees :-)

Sand Hill Art said...

I am taking an Aquabee 9x9 spiral pad to a Robert Fionda workshop this Sat., and for interest I gessoed 6 pages. The texture under watercolor is fun.

Catherine said...

Marj - the bookbinders did a beautiful job! We had a great time. I am NO books ahead. I had better get with it. Glad you like the gazebo - thanks!

Sand Hill Art - I have painted on gessoed 140 cold press, but never aquabee. Have a great time at the workshop!

Diana said...

Beautiful, I wish I were closer to you I'd take one of your classes.. take care, love,Diana

Catherine said...

Thanks, Diana - I wish you lived closer so we could paint together!

Unknown said...

Wish I had found you at the beginning of summer! I am a "want-to-be" artist) with no apparent talent but a desire. I received a copy of your "a Petoskey Watercolor Journal" and am totally inspired ! I head back to Fl. soon but hope to take classes with you next summer when we return.

Catherine said...

Hi Julie - I think if you have a desire, there is some talent there. If you want to email me, I'll put you in my data base and keep you posted on classes and workshops. You can find my email address in my class listings. I hope you enjoy the book!