A Perfect Summer Afternoon

A Watercolor Sketch in my Journal
on an Absolutely Perfect Summer Afternoon
The sun was spotlighting these flowers in front of a very dark background of foliage.  Too good to pass up.  It's a sketch  -  keep it simple.  I reminded myself I didn't have to do the tree to the edge of the paper, I didn't have to show any detail of the cottage, and I didn't have to show any more dark background  -  it was all about the flowers in the sun.  Everything else just supports that.

We were talking about sketchbooks in class this morning.  What happens in your sketchbook, stays in your sketchbook.  It is your own private space for experimenting, learning, note taking, making little masterpieces or NOT.

What do you use your sketchbook for?


Diana said...

HI Catherine, this is so lovely.I make notes, write quotes,sketch,play with markers,watercolors,I write little haiku.well I try..just to capture the moment.Yes it's very private. I love yours..so beautiful. love,Diana

Terry said...

This is so lovely Catherine! It captures the beauty of the best of our summer!

Catherine said...

Diana - I tell my students, "What happens in your sketchbook stays in your sketchbook" unless, of course, you want to show those great drawings and beautiful colors. It is a wonderful place to experiment and just be yourself, isn't it?

Thanks Terry! You sure captured the beauty of your summer in your sketchbook!!!