Flowers in a Little Green Cup

Warm and Sunny
Just like summer!  It was a beautiful day to be outside.  We picked some little flowers and put them in a bright green cup, and painted them in our sketch books.  Then we made a bug catcher out of a plastic Coke bottle.  Then we just sat for awhile, very still, while a brown thrasher sang a few songs from his repertoire of 1,100 songs (so they say).

There has been a lot going on with the birds this weekend    -   the brown thrasher serenading,  a crow eating a mouse on the limb of a tree,  the starling father yelling at everyone, and a blue jay following all the other birds around as if he might miss something.  I think it was hoping for a taste of the mouse. Ick.

Right now it is 91 degrees.  That is very warm for Northern Michigan, and pretty much unheard of for this time of year.  Personally, I like this better than snow.  There is a nice breeze and the air smells like lilacs.  Also, it's too warm to clean out a closet and some drawers as I had planned  -  no one cleans closets in 90 degree weather!  I'm going to go back out on the porch and watch the bug catcher.


BJR said...

Just what I needed to see this morning!...a bright, cheery "pot" of flowers! I love coming to your site an being surprised by what I see!
The painting grandma...who's doing rather poorly, yet still drawing. BJR

Molly said...

I love seeing flowers in unexpected containers... Your bright green cup is perfect! Enjoy that warm weather... I agree-- better than snow any day!