Using Cobalt Blue

Color Mixing in my Sketchbook
I have probably posted small geraniums a million times, but  .   .   .  here are some more.  I haven't used cobalt blue in a long time, and I think I've really been missing out.  In real life (as opposed to photographing and posting) the cobalt blue in these mixes really glows.

I used cobalt blue and quinacridone red on each of the geraniums and switched out the yellows - using New Gamboge, Hansa Yellow, and Quinacridone Gold. 

There are some beautiful roses on my work table just waiting to be painted.  They are kind of a cantaloupe color.  Gorgeous!  I guess I am a little intimidated by the color and I am not a rose painter, but they aren't going to last much longer.  What would happen if I failed?  We all know absolutely nothing would happen!  I would have had the fun of splashing around in paint.  I would have loved drawing them and looking at the lights and shadows of that wonderful color.  Just go do it.

What holds us back?


Marj said...

Those little Geraniums in a pot bring good memories--one of the first little "paintings" I purchased from you! Then got interested in painting them myself. Also mixing the blue-red-yellow for the pots...and tree-trunks??? So colorful. Watercolor is a great hobby--Thanks for all your input (lessons)-- even "on-line" we learn.

Claire M said...

Very interesting painting of geraniums. I love geraniums and never seem to tire of them. Have fun painting the roses too -- as they say "Just do it"!

Catherine said...

Marj - I used to do hundreds of these little geraniums. They make a good color mixing lesson too - along with the tree trunks.

Claire - I haven't had a chance to do the roses and they are really on their way out. I did take some pictures, and I still have "the real things", such as they are, for color. Today is the day.