Snowy Afternoon

The One Blossom Christmas Cactus
This is the perfect afternoon to wind down the holidays.  We are getting a lot of snow, so maybe this won't be the end  -  maybe we'll be snowed in!

I have spent a lot of time this past week puttering around the house, and it really felt good.  I've been sorting through things in my studio, rearranging, spending time with the grandkids - one day they stayed in their jammies all day and played with modeling clay.

This afternoon my husband and I have both mentioned things we really should be doing, but we've been playing dominoes, listening to music, and watching it snow.



Anonymous said...

I think you're starting the year off great, time together is whats important, Happy New Year, that PJ day with the grands sounds lovely!

annie said...

As laurie says....a perfect way to begin the New Year. It looks so cozy, inside, looking out at the snow. And I, too, am a great PJ lover.

Shirley said...

Sounds wonderful! Those are the best kins of days.

jsicignano2.blogspot.com said...

Lovely photo, still no snow on Long Island. Glad you are enjoying the New Year.

Helen Sturgeon said...

Those pj days are what the grands will remember when we are long gone. Good for you for making sweet memories with them!
I find myself watching your weather and imagining what you must be painting... lots of snow in the winter? LOL! Is gouche your best friend???? We had 3 flakes tonite but the wind is howling like Wizard of Oz!!

Jane said...

I love Winter pajama days...especially when it's snowing! We finally got some 2 days ago here in Minneapolis. New Year Blessings to you!

Catherine said...

laurie - it was a fun day. Happy New Year to you!

annie - this is really our first snow of the season, so it was (is) pretty cozy.

Shirley - it was wonderful - one of those nice lazy days.

Joan - the snow was late here too. It usually starts Thanksgiving week.

Helen - three flakes :) The wind is blowing very hard here also, however the heavy snow seems to have moved all around our county without dumping too much right here.

Jane - I would have thought you would have been snowed in by now! Strange year for snow, huh.
New year blessings to you too!

Marj said...

Love the "out-the-window" scene! My Christmas Cactus only had about 4 blooms this year--Scant year???
Anyway, love the "inside-looking-out" concept. It looks so cozy.
I thought I posted this a couple days ago, but it didn't show up.(?)
Did you get the 10"-12" of snow that was predicted for up North?

Catherine said...

Ooooops Marj - my mistake! Sorry - I missed it. It was a nice cozy day. We did not get all that snow - Emmett County was skipped over by most of it.

gerri michaels said...

Glad your son is home safe and sound. Thanks to him for his service. We are planning a trip to MI in May. My goals are to go to Mackinaw Is. and to Petosky. I LOVE your book and just have to see your town. Thanks for inspiring!