A Theme for December

Measuring Spoons
I took a little blogging break, and now  -  where were we?  Themes?

Back in the November 29th post, I mentioned using a different theme for each month.  For December, I had listed dinner ingredients, labels, bottles and jars.  With a theme in mind it is pretty easy to jump-start an idea for a sketch.  I was getting out things to see what I need for holiday baking, and I was thinking about the labels on the can of cocoa and the bottle of vanilla. They weren't too interesting, but the measuring spoons caught my eye as a possible sketch.  I threw in the sprinkles as an "ingredient" from the theme list.

For fifty some Christmases my mother made a certain kind of cookie with nonpareils, or sprinkles, on them.  In November she would start to worry about the stores running out of them.  They never did that I know of, but maybe.  It does seem like a funny thing to worry about, but I must admit that I checked my supply a couple of weeks ago.

Do you have your sprinkles?  Are you going to paint them in your sketchbook?


plaid petunia said...

I think if we live during the depression when there were shortage of many things we would understand our parents fears. I love the colors of your measuring spoons. Cathy

Catherine said...

Cathy - and I must say, in my mother's defense, years ago before there were some really nice grocery stores in town, there actually were shortages of things around the holidays.

I love these measuring spoons too - fun to cook with color!