Day Twenty-Three

Pumpkin Pie
I know I should have sketched this, but I have reached the limit of my creativity for today.  The local granddaughters and I have been to the grocery, made a salad, made two pumpkin pies, and set the table (very creatively, I might add) for Thanksgiving dinner.  And we threw in fixing burgers for dinner tonight, playing Mario Kart, making place cards for the table, and I think somebody watched a movie in there somewhere.  This has all been since about 4:30 this afternoon, and it is now almost 9:00.

I don't make the prettiest pie crust in the world, but I manage to get it in the pan, and it manages to hold the filling  -  and it is really pretty tasty.  Good enough for me.

Is everyone in the United States cooking tonight?


Marj said...

That is BEE-U-tee-ful! Bet it tastes as good as it looks! Your pie crust looks tasty too--forget that it is not perfectly crimped!!!
We can save that for Sketching/Watercoloring :-)
Most people don't even make their own crust these days--looks wonderful to me

Anonymous said...

well I'm Canadian but my daughter who married a Michigander, lol, is busy cooking, one bonus having an American son in law is having two Thanksgivings, and he's a wonderful man and his family are good good people.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving, thats a perfect punpkin pie, just perfect,

Sand Hill Art said...

I made my special brussels sprouts with chestnuts casserole, with the chestnuts I've been hoarding since my trip to England in April. My bro-in-law loves it. Happy Thanksgiving, Catherine and family!

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj! Yes, we are thankful!!!!

Laurie - two Thanksgivings sounds pretty good!

SandHill - brussels sprouts with chestnuts! Sounds wonderful!