Day Nineteen

I love lemons.  They are ridiculously expensive by the piece  -  something like 79 cents each. I think that is a lot for a couple of table spoons of juice.  A bag of seven was 2.99.  I put them in a big fat glass vase on the kitchen counter so I can see and smell them.  Before they go bad (I hope I'm paying attention) I'll squeeze them and freeze the juice and some of the zest.

I really have to get with it, and get things together for Thanksgiving.  I worked on my list today.  That's something, huh?  I cleaned the fridge. 

Who's cooking?  Are you ready?


Anonymous said...

they are pricey right now, I live in Sault Canada right across the border from Sault Michigan and it sounds like our prices are the same as yours, beautiful elmons, my daughter lives in Michigan and is preparing for Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful celebration, it always feels good to clean the fridge, besides you'll need all the room for left overs after thebig day!

Anonymous said...

The turkey will be my representative at the dinner. All I ask is that you call him Karen. Oh yes, and feed him chocolate. Happy TG.

MarilynLara said...

I'll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I bought a #12 lb turkey just for hubby and me. My family goes all out for Christmas; they spend Thanksgiving with the in-laws.

You might want to freeze the lemon rinds along with the juice. I freeze both lemon and orange rinds and grate them for flavorings.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.
Your watercolors are gorgeous.

Catherine said...

Laurie - I am not good at cleaning the fridge. Why can't I just get in the habit?

Anon - yeah, okay, we'll call him Karen. A little creepy, but....

Well MarilynLara, it is nice to have a lot of leftovers. Oh - I could just through the rinds in the freezer and zest them later?
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!