Day Eight

A Contour Drawing in my Sketchbook
This is ink on drawing paper. Sometimes I will do watercolor on this paper, and sometimes I just like the look of the ink.

I am in kind of an uncreative funk.  I figure if I just get my pen, pencil, or brush moving, I'll work my way out of it.  I am in a dry spell and don't have a plan, so I've decided I just move on without a plan.  One of my very favorite quotes is by Julia Cameron: "You may find yourself to be temporarily without a vehicle -  just keep walking."  Maybe it's time to read Julia Cameron again.  She wrote The Artist's Way, and several other very similar books.  So similar, in fact, that if you've read one, you've read them all, but I like her style, so I have read them all

Tomorrow I have class.  They'll get me going.  Actually, I had better get going before that  -  they are paying me to get them going.  No problem  -  it is always easier to have a plan for someone else.


Helen Sturgeon said...

Sounds like you need a "jump start"! Perhaps your class will do that for you! I have a 1/2 sheet painting sketched in and waiting for me to add color..I'm terrified! I've never painted on a 1/2 sheet before!!! And now, I have another "excuse" to put it off.. I'm having my gall bladder out on Thurs!! How much longer can I stall???
I miss your color! Get going, girl!

Suspinz: Dabbler in Many Things said...

Just keep on keepin' on...you're doing fine and Cameron would be proud of you. Sweet drawing of the peperomia (?) cutting in the window. Sometimes less is more.

Catherine said...

Helen - We did talk about jump starting our creativity in class today. Ooooh - I don't like your "gall bladder excuse" for not painting - ouch. Here's wishing you a very speedy recovery!

Suspinz - It's actually a pothos, and when I re-potted it, it went crazy. I may have several cuttings. It's very common looking, but I like the lazy gracefulness of it - and the fact it grows in low light. Okay, I know this isn't about the plant, it's about the drawing, but . . .