Carrots and Onions

Vegetable Demo
These were a couple of very simple demonstrations in classes this week.  We are always talking about composition, and I'm always stressing painting quickly and with a large brush.  I wasn't trying for a good composition with the carrots (good thing 'cause I missed the mark if I was) but just trying to show how to paint a bunch of something without getting hung up on every individual part of it.  Onions are always fun to do  -  the texture, color, and the hairy looking roots.

It's warm here today.  As much as I dislike cleaning up the garden in the fall, I think I'll get myself out there and get a few things done.  Everything is finished blooming, and it's 74 degrees!  Okay  -  here I go.  Where ever you are, is it still warm enough to work in your garden?  Can you get in any last minute sketching in the garden?


Muffy said...

Would you ever consider teaching online classes in sketchbook watercolor painting

Sue W said...

It's in the mid 70's today here in the SF Bay Area. I should be out in the yard, but I'm in the house enjoying the cool breeze coming in the windows. Maybe I'll go out and paint something.

I,too, would love to take an online class with you. Or maybe you could do a workshop next time your out here seeing the grandkids!

Catherine said...

Muffy and Sue - I have considered an online class. I will need to figure it out.

Sue - That would be fun to do a class in the bay area. I will give that some thought also.