Dinner After Class

 Portobello Panini
Spell check needs to move into the 21st century.  It thinks portobello should be "potbelly" and panini should be "panic".  It kind of upsets me that spell check doesn't know what it's doing.  Kind of like going into the fabric store and the girl at the cutting counter doesn't know how to figure your yardage.  Not that that's ever happened.  If someone or something, as the case may be, doesn't know more about something than I do  -  we're in trouble.

I did this sketch in my hand bound book last week after day-one of our book binding workshop. It felt good after a day on our feet to sit down and have someone set delicious food in front of us.  It is really hard to paint it instead of digging in to eat it, but it does make the whole eating and talking with friends experience even more fun.

In the previous post, I mentioned something about buying a larger bag to carry painting things in.  I try to keep the supplies to a minimum, but now I can't stop thinking about buying a new bag.  I'm really not a purse kind of girl (once a girl, always a girl) and I'm not a shopper,  but maybe.  I kind of like those big baggy purses.  I'm always a few steps behind  -  are they out of style?


Sand Hill Art said...

Macy's has them so I don't think they will go out of style real soon. Nice and soft and slouchy.
Plenty of room for a w/c journal.

Catherine said...

Sally - nice to know - thanks. What fun it would be to be in style AND carry my stuff around.

Margarita said...

Tu dibujo me ha abierto el apetito. Felicitaciones, tu trabajo es fresco y directo,

Catherine said...

Thank you for your kind comment, Margarita, I'm glad you liked it.

Mary said...

Cathy, I just discovered your work and your blog. I spent time recently in Charlevoix and Petoskey, and absolutely love the area. I ordered your book immediately and wish I could move there to take your classes!

You might want to check out "Moop" bags - think you have to order thru their website. A friend and fellow watercolorist bought one recently and it's a perfect size, quite durable and has lots of cool storage pockets for pens and brushes.

Catherine said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Mary. And thanks for purchasing my book. I just checked out the bags - they are beautiful.

Mary Lou Peters said...

Hi Catherine--I'm honored to be named on your journal page! Yes, that was a fun dinner after a wonderful class and I love how your pages look. Good enough to eat!
Mary Lou

Catherine said...

Thanks Mary Lou. It was a nice relaxing dinner and it was great to catch up.