Workshop Demo

Large Raspberries, Small Fuzzy Peach, and Birdhouses
This page was done in my sketchbook on "Arches cover cream" paper.

Cathy Cohen and I just finished up a two day bookbinding/ journal painting workshop.  As always, it was fun!  It was a great group and their books are beautiful!  The weather was perfect for outdoor journal painting.

Oh, wow  -  this is the last day of August!  I can't believe how fast it has gone.  A couple of posts back, I said things were slowing down.  Maybe not.  I haven't noticed it anyway. I think I am filling in the spaces with other things.  If I slow down, I may feel obligated to clean up things around here.  This morning while I was trying to make the house a little presentable for my Wednesday class, I was finding blue paint and dust bunnies everywhere.  For some reason, I feel that the blue paint is a little more acceptable than the dust bunnies.  Am I right? 


Sand Hill Art said...

Dust bunnies just mean that your life isn't boring.

Catherine said...

Sally Ann - that's what I thought too. Thanks for the confirmation :)

Marj said...

Wish I could've seen all the color combos in the bookbinding class! So fun to do it together--and then paint on those brand new pages :-)
I have all the parts for a new book to bind--now to get at it!
Doesn't everyone (who paints) have "dust bunnies" :-) Thanks again for the poly-clearcovers.

Catherine said...

Marj - the colors and patterns were wonderful!

That's the book covers I'm talking about - not the dust bunnies.

You're very welcome for the poly-clearcovers. And we will be anxious to see your new book.