A Few More Value Sketches and Composition

Thumbnail Sketches
I'm still at it  -  doing thumbnail sketches.
 On the right are seven sketches done with various pens, pencils, charcoal, conte crayon . . .  This was just to show my students how each one worked in a very small (2 X 2 1/2) and very quick value sketch.  Although charcoal is a mess and I'm not crazy about the way it feels against the paper, I do like the way it blocked in the shapes and the lights and darks without any chance of time consuming detail.  It is the second one down in the right hand column.

The sketches on the left are various compositions of one subject done in Prismacolor pencil,  90% warm grey.  There are unlimited possibilities for compositions and the arrangements of light and dark shapes.

Things have started to slow down a bit, class-wise, but my brain hasn't received the message.  I have classes and workshops coming up really soon, so I have plenty to keep me busy,  but I thought it would be nice to "turn it off" for a couple of days before I start to re-group. 

Did I mention that I have joined a life drawing group that meets once a week?  My friends know what a big step this is for me  -  I don't like figure drawing.  I really don't like it. The things is, I WANT to like it, so I'm going to the sessions.  My right brain is working so hard, I can barely function when I get home  -  function, as in find something in the refrigerator to eat.  Now that's pretty bad for me.  My husband says this is good for me  -  it may be the way some of my students feel when they are just beginning, and now I know how it feels.  I apologize to any of you that I may not have shown proper sympathy.  I don't give refunds for lack of sympathy, but I do apologize.


Unknown said...

Hahaha! Standing up to things we don't like to do is hard . Accolades to you .
'If you don't like to do the dishes , do them right away and quickly...liking come with practice.'...my Mum's advice . I still prefer to do something else , but I don't mind as much as I used to . Good Luck !

Catherine said...

thepowmill - I'll keep at it, and I'm pretty sure I'll find I like it.

Anonymous said...

You will become great at this challenge,, you have so much talent, sometimes we get so comfy doing what we know and what comes easy, its good to challenge ourselves, makes stay sharp,,best wishes to you on this,

Catherine said...

Thanks Laurie - You're right about being comfortable. I feel like I am at a stand-still - this should shake things up a bit.

Helen Sturgeon said...

Thank you for encouraging me to do thumbnail sketches. I HATE doing them! ;) Someone else said recently that most mediocre artists don't do them, the really good painters do! So, between the 2 of you, I'm committed to sketching!
Have you seen/tried the Sharpie liquid graphite pencils? Just go one and will give it a try asap! Thanks again! LOVE, LOVE,LOVE your blog!

Catherine said...

Thanks Helen! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. And I was just over at your blog - ice cream lasagna - yum!

I like doing thumbnails so it is easy for me to think everyone should do them :)

I haven't seen those sharpies, but I just googled it. Let us know what you think after you've given it a try.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Love this thumb nail sketching you have been blogging about its wonderful like well for me that is you were taking a class seeing things to learn,thank you. As far as life drawing would love to go but the ones are to far away for me to get to since Im learning all on my own I have the problem of not knowing where to start ect life drawing hum Im not even sure what the right brain function is all I can say is I get into this zone and bam it looks like what I was trying to draw:) but not sure how to keep it going life classes well not ready yet I guess.
Have a great day,

Catherine said...

Linda - in our little town of 6,000, life drawing groups are few and far between. I figure I should do it when I get the chance. There is no instruction, but the practice is invaluable.

I think you are getting into your right brain - you're right, it's getting into the zone and "bam" it looks like what you wanted to draw :)

Helen Sturgeon said...

Just had to report back on the liquid graphite pencils... not a fan! You must hold the pencil upright to use it... not good for sketching! :(
Will follow you lead on drawing blocks to sit on my art table to encourage me! Thanks for yet another great tip! Don't you "need" to come to western NC?

Catherine said...

Helen, thanks for the report. I think I'll skip those pencils.

You know, about February I think I DO need to go to NC :)