Wesley's Lane

One of my Favorite Places to Paint

There is a little lane with cottages backed up to it, that runs along a park-like area where there once was a railroad bed.  On the front side of the cottages is the Bay.  I love it here.  I love the back doors and casual porches and the roof lines of the years worth of additions on each cottage.  There is no pretense here, just  some beautiful window boxes and laundry on the clotheslines.  If you stepped out of your time machine onto this lane, you wouldn't know where in history you are.  Well, yeah  -  the cars.

I'm catching up a little on sketchbook posting and am sitting on the back porch watching the humming birds. They come to the trumpet vine and phlox that are right by the back door.

This morning there was a six inch slug sliming his way around the porch.  I opened the back door into the garden, hoping he'd find his way out.  He didn't.  My hero/husband came to the rescue.  The slugs are just too big and icky to squash.  My husband has been known to take them on a shovel and dump them in the middle of the street, hoping they will get run over before they find their way back home.  I suppose we'll hear from some animal rights activists about this?  I guess it is more humane to let them drown in a saucer of beer.  Except the big ones don't drown  -  they just drink their fill and stagger away.  Ick.  They make me shiver!


Marj said...

I'm with you...too slimy and fat--Cliff's got the right idea!
Looking forward to painting all that fun stuff on those little Lanes next week. I have all my art stuff packed...we're leaving home tomorrow a.m.

Catherine said...

I'm looking forward to next week too! See you soon.

Marilyn-Lara said...

Catherine, although I don't always leave a comment, I check your blog daily. Your sketches and tips are always encouraging.

Spread old coffee grounds, or any other rough-textured material around plants you don't want the slugs to damage and they will turn and go the other way.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the tip Marilyn-Lara. Coffee grounds - that sounds easy enough. I do like the idea of them turning and going the other way!