Terrace Inn Tea

Strawberries and Devonshire Cream
This is a little sketch done in Prismacolor pencil and watercolor on Zerkall Frankfurt Cream paper.  The paper sounds good enough to eat, doesn't it?  It is not watercolor paper, and it does buckle, but I kind of like it anyway.

I did this at my second annual Terrace Inn Afternoon Tea.  Twenty-one ladies attended and they all brought their watercolor journals and small paint kits.  Their paintings were wonderful!  We spent the afternoon in the beautiful dining room (linen tablecloths and watercolors do mix after all) painting in our journals, compairing supplies, and catching up.  We painted a little before we started eating and then everyone painted between bites.

The very fact that the Inn lets us paint at the tables set with linen says it all. The whole staff is gracious, accommodating, and creative.

I love the idea of getting past, present, and future students together, and it's so much fun to discover new techniques, find out where to pick up new materials, and just to share some time with people with sketchbooks in common.

Thanks to all who attended!!!  I'm looking forward to next year already.


Unknown said...

Oh how I wish that I could be there. i really like your borders with the touches of flowers thrown in... I am using this idea from time to time.

My newest idea is making name plates for my friends' doors at The Redwoods, a senior community. When I see a neighbor has a birthday, I create one for him or her. I usually try to include something about them in the border like a book, or knitting, or flowers.... the residents are loving their new name plates.

Catherine said...

Elizabeth - i wish you could have been here too!

The name plate idea is fabulous - how thoughtful of you!

Diana said...

Wow how wonderful I too wish I were there.. your sketch/painting is delightful as the day was!take care, Diana

Claire M said...

Wow ... what an idea!! I love the idea of the tea, sketching, and chat. You have really captured the feel of such a special event with this page.

Catherine said...

Thanks Diana and Claire! It really was a fun afternoon. A lot of people like the idea of painting in restaurants, but are a little inhibited. This gives them a "sanctioned" place to get their feet wet :) And to eat. And to chat.

Marj said...

OO-ooo Wonderful Menu, Wonderful Painting, Wonderful Event! Wish I was there :-) :-)

Catherine said...

Marj - I wish you had been here too!

Deafgoldenhair said...

Hi Catherine,
Thank you for your support and guidelines for me to come for my first painting class. I really enjoyed working with you at the Terrace Inn and the painting workshops. Your paintings are very delightful! Thank you teacher!

Catherine said...

Deafgoldenhair - It was my pleasure. Your paintings are also delightful - great job!