Tomato Basil Gorganzola

Taking My Sketchbook to Lunch Again
Tomato Basil Gorgonzola soup.  Wednesday's special  -  I love it!!!!
It's a good day for soup with friends.  It is very sunny and very cold here.  While the rest of the country (a good portion of it, anyway) experiences terrible blizzards, we have blue skies and sunshine. 

If anyone comes across a great tomato basil Gorgonzola soup recipe, would you let me know?  If you make it, paint it  -  it's a great color.


Claire M said...

I love the sketch and the idea of your lunch - the soup and paints! Great combination. I too would like the recipe. Hope someone has one.

Marj said...

I have a great recipe--which I added the Gorgonzola to--after I tasted it at Julienne Tomatoes! Yum Yum! Will send it to your email address after my appts. today :-) I will "paint" it next time I make it. (Just made Chicken-Matzo Ball yesterday). Great Snow-storm soups!

Marj said...

Catherine, I posted the recipe on MY blog which anyone can get to by clicking on my name or face :-)
Since I didn't know how to post it on yours......Enjoy!

Vaishnavi said...

Oh yum! I love the idea of a soup with tomato basil and gorganzola! I have a bit of a sore throat now so it is doubly attractive to me!

Elena (Pelusa) said...

Love your sketches! They're so fresh! Thanks for sharing!