Sugar Bowl

My Grandmother's Sugar Bowl
This is usually in a kitchen cupboard because we really don't put sugar on anything.  I thought I'd bring it out into the light of day to sketch it.  Little pink flowers  -  are my friends surprised that I painted this?

I bought a savoy cabbage to roast with some other vegetables for dinner guests tonight.  It's beautiful!  I'm hoping I will get a chance to paint it before I cut it up and cook it, but I don't know  .  .  .

The check-out girl insisted it was a SAVORY cabbage.  When I insisted it was not SAVORY, she finally charged me for green cabbage.  Whatever.  I was just trying to educate her, she never did believe me, and I got the better end of the deal.


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOO what pretty pink flowers. I really like tis little painting and I like sugar too.


annie said...

Such a delicate feel to those flowers, Catherine. How you must treasure it.


Diana said...

I like this too. It brings to mind my grandmother and greatgrandmother. Tell me what is the difference in a savory cabbage and a cabbage.. Diana

Catherine said...

Karen, Annie, and Diana - thanks!
Diana - it's a savoy cabbage. The check-out girl insisted that it was savory, but it's savoy. It is darker green than a regular head of cabbage, and the leaves are very ruffly/curly, and the veins a much lighter than the leaves. Very pretty! But it didn't roast well.

Bev Sieracki said...

The lovely sugar reminds me of my grandma. I am now a fan of your artwork Catherine. You live in such a pretty area as I have visited there many years ago. I live across the waters in Door County, WI.

Catherine said...

Bev - thank you! I hear your area is beautiful too.