Pitcher and Salt Shaker

In My Sketchbook Journal on Arches Cover, Cream
This paper is a warm creamy color.  The texture is very soft, as if it has no sizing, but I like the way it takes watercolor.

I was having a lot of trouble concentrating on the pitcher. I wasn't really connecting, as you can see by all the lines all over the place. But I like it.  I feel as though I captured it, and some scribbles here and there don't bother me.  It's a sketchbook!

I always feel whatever happens with a drawing in my sketchbook is just part of being in the moment.  I wasn't concentrating at the moment.

Our turkey was up against some pretty stiff competition today at the fourth grade luncheon, and I'm happy to report she won the beauty contest!


Marj said...

Lovely drawings/watercolor! (even with the "lines." You have so many pretty dishes. Congrats to Oceannie (the turkey) she (it) deserved 1st place. Have a great Thanksgiving.

annie said...

Oh, wonderful, Catherine--congrats on Ms Turkey. She's indeed a beauty and has so much personality.


Catherine said...

Marj and Annie - thanks. All the turkeys were wonderful - it is a very creative bunch of kids.