Brushes and Tea

Mug of Tea and Brush Pot
A quick little sketch done in my watercolor journal.

Last week in my Wednesday morning class, I expressed ( I guess a little strongly) my dislike of the color pink.  This morning everyone in class was wearing pink. Cute! Not only are they all talented painters, they're fun too.

Very gray, dark and wet here.  We are on our way to a middle school basketball game  -  that'll be bright and cheery.  Bright lights. Yelling.  Action!   I love basketball.  Go Rams!


myra anderson said...


Marj said...

Be careful! When I'm painting and having a cup of tea/coffee--I've dipped my brush too many times into my Cup (of tea instead of the paint water :-) nice drawings--and I love the patio doors (contour drawing) --it's so colorful.

Catherine said...

Thanks Art of Dance and Marj - I have to keep my tea or coffee out of easy reach or I WILL dip my brush into it.

Vaishnavi said...

I don't like pink. On anything. Except flowers maybe :) I like the sound of your class. They seem like a fun bunch!