Leftover Quiche for Breakfast
A quick little sketch of my breakfast this morning.  Also working on a couple of cloud paintings, but you know  -  those can be pretty boring to look at day after day (not that I have really been painting them day after day), so I think I will post them in groups of three or four.  That still might be boring, but anyway . . .

It is warm and sunny here today, and I am heading out to the farm market for squash and gourds. Maybe some apples and pears.  Potatoes. Mums. Pumpkins. And I claim to not be a fan of Autumn.


Marj said...

Looks like that Quiche and Coffee could jump right off the page! Love the colors--as always. I figured out the "spine" list--just a little s l o w.... :-) Can't wait to start my new book. Maybe I'll "tear" some Aquarius II tonite, and make sets...thanx for your help!

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj.
Thinking of you tearing your paper tonight. Happy bookbinding!

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Just found your blog and I really like this painting.
I can't believe that I didn't photograph the pumpkins and mums in front of the grocery store.
That would have been a painting.

Catherine said...

Thanks Peggy. I just thoroughly enjoyed a visit to your blog! You'd better go back to the grocery store and take that pic - it does sound like a painting waiting to happen.