New Sketchbook

Another New Sketchbook
Last week we made new sketchbooks. After the trip downstate to the paper/bookbinding store, I was anxious to bind a new book.  I think I have made nine of them so far, and  I'm a couple of books ahead now, which is a nice, secure feeling. What if I decide sometime that I am sick of making these, and I don't have any made up ahead?  Actually, I just really enjoy making them.  I don't need a reason, do I?

The drawing is a value sketch that I am working on for a new painting.  I want to use it as a demo for tomorrow's class.

Another beautiful, sunny, fall day here.   I should take a walk.  Does sitting in the sun eating potato chips count as doing something good for myself?  I think so.


plaid petunia said...

Sitting in the sun is the best thing I think. I love the sunshine!!!!!!!

On your value sketch, I was wondering how many values do you try to show? How many will you use in your painting? I have a value scale that I made. It has 10 shades or values. Do you need that many in every painting?


Catherine said...

Cathy - The sun AND potato chips - better yet, huh?

I am going for about three values in the sketch - it may vary a bit, but that is what I am thinking as I do it. The paper is tan, so tan is my lightest instead of white.

I try for three in a painting and then let anything in between work its way in there too. I would guess we end up with more than ten.

Marj said...

Love the colors on your new book! Wish I could've made another WITH you--just to keep everything in mind. Even with our list, I'm fearful :-) Betsy V. and I will get together--perhaps between the 2 of us, we will help each other "recall." Love my book and am using it...

Catherine said...

Marj - keep the telephone handy, and I can talk you through it :)

Carol C said...

Another class to put on my bucket list, your journal binding/watercolor class.....Is Hollander's your store of choice for bookbinding supplies?

Catherine said...

Carol - Hollanders is our store of choice. It is about four hours away, but they do mail order. I have taken a class there, so I am familiar with the supplies and service. I know there are others, but I am not familiar with them.

If you google Hollanders Ann Arbor you will get to their website.