I know I said I was going to be painting fall vegetables during the month of October, and yes, I know these are not vegetables, but it's this or nothing.  I have been trying to catch up on paper work and get my classes scheduled for next summer. and get out an email promoting my November classes.  So what's so hard about squeezing in a little painting time?

I'm not practicing what I preach  -  just paint!  Carry your sketchbook around and just paint.

We have lost a lot of leaves and gained our seasonal view of the Bay.  It's beautiful.  I'm going to work on very simple trees with my class this morning.  It is always a challenge to keep things simple when we have bare branches, yellows, oranges, and greens all on one tree.  I'm hung up on simplicity lately - on every level of my life  -  and I am not a "simplicity-kind" of person.  Gonna give it a try.


Vaishnavi said...

Dear Ms Carey,

I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident and I have fallen in love with your work. I was looking for something to cheer me up yesterday and your pictures made my day. I hope it's alright with you if I link up your blog to mine.


Catherine said...

Vaishnavi - Thanks! Glad I could help brighten your day.
Thanks for linking up our blogs.

Carol C said...

Anything you paint is okay with me!!!

Diana said...

I love your blog, and I like simplicity too. your apples are perfect for the fall. I can almost taste the crispness of them. Diana

kathy said...

Loved your book! I've made a watercolor sketchbook from an online video, and wd like to make another. Can you recommend an online class or how to book? Hope to take a class with you someday.

Catherine said...

Diana and Carol C - thank you for your kind comments!

Thanks to you too, Kathy! So glad you enjoyed my book. Hollanders in Ann Arbor, MI (google Hollanders Ann Arbor) has a booklet for making the rounded spine book that we make. We make a different size, however, and use watercolor paper and drawing paper instead of text paper.