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From a class this summer.
Here it is the first of September and I'm still thinking of summer classes.  It was a perfect summer for workshops and classes  -  the weather was beautiful and the people were just wonderful!

Why does September always seem like a new year? A new beginning.  I spent a few minutes this afternoon putting things on my calendar that I would like to accomplish in the next few months. So -  I am throwing out a challenge for myself and anyone else that would like to do it.  Mary T are you reading this?  Because  the clouds are just so dramatic here in September and October,  I am going to try to do no fewer than 16 small paintings, drawings, or whatever, of clouds.  These can be landscapes, "bayscapes" or just plain clouds.  I have 16 small (5 1/2 X 7 1/2) pieces of paper ready to go - drawing paper, watercolor paper, misc. paper, but since I think clouds lend themselves to juicy watercolor, I'll probably do more of that.

I have to say, this is a challenge for me.  I am really not very good at clouds.  I never do paintings that are "about" clouds, so we'll see what happens, huh?  If you want to join me, leave us a link to your clouds in the "comments".


Carol C said...

I'd sure love to see a demo by you one day....ever think of making a video?!

Catherine said...

Carol - I have thought of making a video. That's a good goal for the long, long winter here.

Anonymous said...

Love it...once again. You manage to make it look so easy...with just watercolor. (My forte is ink and watercolor, so I pore over yours...and try.) A video would be so great. BJR

Catherine said...

BJR - it just looks easy because you don't see the ones I don't think make the grade : )