Clouds 2

Murky Colored Clouds

Yeah, I know, pretty boring.  But I'm sticking with this cloud thing until I get it right. This paper is Arches Cover, cream.

There was a spindly, lacy-leaved (leafed?) tree sticking up into this sky, but I was losing the light and thought I might go back today and paint the tree.  Today was very windy and rainy, so it didn't happen.

Maybe I don't even like doing clouds.


Carol C said...

I like this cloud theme for September! Or am I committing you for a bigger project than you intended? Do you like working on the Arches Cover with watercolors? I don't think I've tried it.

Catherine said...

Carol - I do intend to do at least 16 cloud "studies" this month. If you would like to join in, just leave a link to your clouds in the comments.

I do like the arches cover, bit I don't think I would like it for a larger serious painting. I have never seen watercolor listed as a medium for arches cover (I am using cream), but I ordered it to see what it was and to use it for drawing. When I tried watercolor on it, I liked it. I like it with watercolor, ink, and white prismacolor pencil.

cjlagrow said...

A video would be great and maybe 2 or 3 of them! And, how about a new book. That would be awesome. I love your postings they are very inspirational.

Catherine said...

cjlagrow - I have thought of doing a video, but you can be sure clouds won't be on it :) I need practice! But then, that's what the challenge to myself is all about.