Trying Something New

Blob and Smoosh

"Blob and smoosh" is my "technical term for "softening the edges". It's all about drawing the color out a little to soften the edge of a shape. That's what we are doing in classes this week.

What's new here is the lettering done with watercolor and a dip pen. I hated dip pens and threw mine away. Fortunately, my friend Karen tried this watercolor thing and just happened to have enough pen holders and nibs for both of us. What fun! You can fill the tip with watercolor and keep adding a bit of another color to keep it changing. Something new for our journals!

Maybe these aren't actually dip pens. The nibs are the kind that have two layers that hold a little ink (or in this case, watercolor) in between the layers. Does anyone know what these are called?


Sarah said...

Hi, that's a great idea! You are using dip pens but with calligraphy nibs not drawing or mapping nibs.

Catherine said...

Curiouscrow - calligraphy nibs, of course. The friend that gave them to me is a calligrapher. Duh.

Now I will know what to look for when I want more. Thanks.

annie said...

PS I meant to say, also, that there is no more fun than painting beside a grandchild. My grandson and I painted on a watercolor post card at the park --I painted the woods above and he painted the creek below them on the same card, and we mailed the post card to his grandpa/

Catherine said...

Annie - what a great idea to actually work on the same painting with a grandchild. I love that idea.

annie said...

It's such fun at his age, Catherine. But I will stop when he gets near that age when kids feel intimidated, that their painting and drawing do not match up to their idea of what it should be or how like an adult's it should be.