A Trip Downstate and Back in Time

A Recipe and a Quick Sketch of the old Auditorium on the MSU Campus

My mother used to make "War Dish" and I hadn't had it in at least forty years. My sister-in-law made it this past weekend, and it tasted sooo good. I just googled "war dish" - nothin'.
Maybe no one else in the world ever made it.

I did this quick little sketch while we sat in the sunshine outside the art museum on the MSU campus, waiting for our guys to pick us up. Years ago, when I was in high school, I used to sit there and wait for my dad to pick me up after a Saturday art class at the University.

Wow - a weekend of memories! Fun.

Friday night we went to A Chorus Line, live at the Wharton Center. It was great!


Anonymous said...

What a great memory and a special way to honor your parents. I love this. Cathy

Marj said...

"War Dish" what a great name! I could think of several of my "put together fast" recipes (?) that could go by that name. Memories are so great! We're on our way to the Smokies--lots of sketching/watercoloring.... :-)
(you will be looking over my shoulder giving advice which I love).

Vicky L. Williamson said...

I LOVE this sketchbook spread! And would love to try the "war dish" as well --- how long does it cook in the oven?

Catherine said...

Vicky - I'm thinking about an hour. I'm going to have to check into this, because I am wondering about the rice. Would raw rice actually cook in the oven with just the juice from the tomatoes (she did say she used two cans) in an hour?

Vicky L. Williamson said...

Thanks for answering, Catherine! I described it to my husband and he would love to try it also.