So Many Colors - So Little Time

It takes me days to get together an order for paint, paper etc. You'd think I would never have a chance at it again. Why can't I just order what I need and move on? I'm afraid I might miss something, I guess. And I want it all, when actually I like painting with a very limited palette. See the problem?

When an order comes, it is always a little disappointing not to have something new/different - like a little present to yourself. Daniel Smith has a 20% off sale for a few days. That ought to justify something new and different, don't you think?

Still working on the quarter sheet snow painting. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow.


annie said...

I hear you, Catherine. I sent in 2 orders in December to get the shipping-off deal and now I am going through That Catalog, AGAIN, with my
insatiable pen.


David K Small, artist said...

Treat yourself - your inner muse obviously wants more to play with, who knows, something may come out that wouldn't have otherwise.

Catherine said...

Annie, we do love our stuff, don't we?

Thanks DKS, you talked me into it. I am going to order some paper that I have never tried. I am making journals and have to check out a few more kinds of paper. Research.