Zenith Radio

Z is for Zenith
Back in February and March, I did a series of alphabet illustrations. For some reason I never did Z. So here it is. One of my readers has often reminded me - so this one's for you.

This is one of the many radios my husband has all over the house - not that there is anything wrong with that. This is a late forties Zenith. The sketch is very small - maybe two inches square. After doing these sketches last winter, I was going to go on with another series, but I guess I got a little side-tracked. Maybe this winter would be a good time to do that. Series are always fun to do.

Well, the sketch is pretty boring, but hey, it's a Z, and you've been waiting months for this.


Marj said...

Yay! The mystery "Z" is revealed. :-) Love the sketch and can't wait for the next "series" to paint. It does give one a little thing to create over the
L-O-N-G wintertime.
Have enjoyed all your Calif. Pics.
That blue dish with the garlic in it was so interesting....

Catherine said...

Marj. I knew you'd be happy about the "Z".