San Francisco

The Gardens at Grace Cathedral,
San Francisco

I posted this painting in progress a few posts back. I think it is finished - I will have to live with it a few more days to be sure.

I'm catching up a bit on real life today - painting, grocery shopping, doing laundry, cleaning the fridge, attending 7th grade basketball.

It is snowing here tonight. Seriously snowing. This will get me feeling Christmasy, and that's a good thing.

Thanks for hanging in there with me for 30 days of blogging. Although I missed a couple, I was thinking about you!


plaid petunia said...

I'm going to miss this. Could you blog everyday?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting!...but please don't quit blogging. Love to read what you write. BJR

ann said...

Congrats on the month of blogging! I trust this isnt "the end" of your blogspot. I find it very inspirational especially when I need a little kick to get me going with art projects. Am really enjoying the making of the journals. Happy Holidays!

Catherine said...

Plaid Petunia, BJR, and gvann - I'm not giving up blogging - just not going to do it every day like I did in November. I just don't have that much to say. You would all get very sick of me :)

Thanks for your kind words!

annie said...

So very lovely. And I loved it as a sketch, too.

Now that you are trying to cut back, here I come to bother you.
I just bought your art book, and while waiting for it to come in I am making up a paint list for after the holidays.

I want to use the same Cobalt Violet and Manganese Blue that you use while I am using your book.
You seem so fond of them both--but I haven't a clue.

I understand from Hilary Page and Handprint.com that few manufacturers make the original PB33 Manganese. Holbein and Windsor Newton put out a Hue:
WN is a PB15 thalo and Holbein is a PB15 thalo also. Old Holland's Manganese Blue Deep is PB33 and PV16 Manganese Violet. Cheap Joe's Art Stuff has Managanese Hue that is PB33 and Pb15.

I have been using Holbein's Peacock Blue which to my untrained eye looks similar, but it also has changed from PB17 to PB15 with PG7. PB15 seems to be the cat's pajamas with these manufacturers.

Please take your time. I won't be ordering until up into January.

Thank you,