Yet Another Salt and Pepper Still Life

Nothing much to paint on the table at Applebee's. However the food was very good, and it sure wasn't crowded. I think everyone else was home tending to their turkeys.

With the help of Eldest Grandson, I just put the last of the pies in the oven. When we stopped at the grocery store for a couple of things, the check-out guy said people are still buying frozen turkeys. This is zero hour for buying anything. What are they going to do with those turkeys?

This little still life is the first in my new sketchbook. What is it about the first and last pages??!!



plaid petunia said...

It is so rewarding to have something new, and you made it yourself. That is even better.

To finish it! That is a sense of accomplishment.

annie said...

I agree with Petunia, there must hold a sense of accomplishment for you. But, oh that First Page... I find the first page daunting, and as for the last page, I am like the last leaf on the tree-- I don't want to leave it. There's a new first page to face. Sometimes the first page is so bothersome that I use the last page for my first sketch. I play with paint mixes--something I don't expect to look good.
And Happy Thanksgiving Day to you,