Dinner for Four at Giorgios
San Jose, California

This place has linen napkins, so we were careful how we splashed around with our watercolors. It was a very crowded little table with pizza (best pizza ever) a big salad bowl, bread baskets, drink pitcher, many plates, and three sets of paints and sketchbooks!

So here I am only into the first week of blogging everyday for a month - and I MISSED yesterday. Last night was an "author event" at my husband's library. The author was David Oliver Relin, who wrote Three Cups of Tea. It was a very interesting evening, starting off with a Central Asian menu for dinner, and then David's inspirational presentation, then a book signing. I have been asking myself ever since sitting down to dinner with him, "Cath, what have YOU done lately?" Everyone was asking themselves that by the time they left the auditorium. I'm just hoping the inspiration lasts awhile. I have a very short attention span.


Marpia said...

Three Cups of Tea was our bookclub book. Greg Mortonson is amazing. But don't short change yourself. You give too! You inspire us to appreciate and really look at things - even garlic! Our gals from Chelea still refer to how beautiful garlic is because you made us really see it by having us paint our own. Sure garlic is tiny but your lessons last forever! I love the freshness of your blogging too!

Catherine said...

Thanks Marlene! How nice of you to say! I do think painting feeds our souls and that is pretty important too. NOTHING close to what Greg Mortonson does of course!!!! David Oliver Relin is a pretty amazing guy too. I was very glad to have had the chance to meet him.