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Painting the Altoids Tin Palettes

A very quiet day here today. We discussed and planned (argued about) the bathroom re-do.
We wandered the aisles of the Home Depot for awhile.

I think we are going to start tearing up the bathroom tomorrow. I often say how much I love demolition, but this is making me a little nervous. Oh well, no guts, no glory - right?


annie said...

Even the sketches of that little mini look cute as a bug's ear. I have not got around to painting any of my Altoids tins-- only lazily think about it. Do you use a primer first, oil or latex paint? One coat?
I am wondering about the mixing area and how good a surface the paint is for that--it must be good since so many artists do paint the lids. The portable paper palettes that I fit into the lids soon stain from some of my paints.

Catherine said...

Annie - I didn't give them a coat of anything. I figure they are pretty disposable and I can pop out the half pans to put in another tin. However, I'm not sure you can get the chewing gum tins anymore.

For the mixing area/lid I just cut a piece of styrofoam plate to fit.