Down the Street

Cottage at the Curve in the Road
It is cold and windy, raining, almost snowing here. As I was going through my summer sketch books I came across this painting of a cottage in Bay View. I painted it on our last evening of painting for the season. We sat down to paint this because there was a nice, bright, warm spot of sun shining on the front of the cottage. By the time we set up, it was gone. And by the time we were finished painting, we were cold!

My class didn't do very quick little paintings of autumn objects this past week. We did do autumn objects, but we got pretty wrapped up in loosely rendering them. I didn't have the heart to stop them and move on to the next. They were doing some really nice little paintings. There is always next time.


Melissa VN said...

Catherine, I'm one of a group of women who paint together every Wednesday. We're in Washington state, north of Seattle, and we call ourselves The Painted Ladies, (or sometimes The "Tainted" Ladies) I LOVE your blog & your art! I've asked "Santa" for your book & some of the PLs may be planning a trip to Petoskey sometime. (We went to Hawaii last March - too much fun!)

I'm up to L in following your alphabet idea...

Catherine said...

Melissa, thanks for the nice compliment!

I would love to see you and your painted ladies in Petoskey sometime. It is beautiful up here.

Have a good time with the alphabet - I thought it was a fun challenge.

Marj said...

Just a good-humored reminder, we never did get your picture for "Z".
I'm home recuping from my second knee implant (things are going just great) so I haven't been able to paint much. Don't we hate to see the summer end...
Have great memories of our Sketchbook Wtrclr class in my sketchbook.

Catherine said...

Marj - okay, some day I will do "Z", any day now :)

Wishing you the best recuperation!

Yes, we do hate to see summer end!!! That was a great bunch of people in that class wasn't it!?

tangoann said...

wish I could send you some of the "Indian" summer we're experiencing in AZ - a bit too warm! Would love to join you in Petoskey some summer.
The book is great!

tangoann said...

If one should travel to Petoskey for a month or so, are there reasonable accomodations (in summer!)?

Catherine said...

Tangoann - thanks I'm glad you're enjoying the book. And I too wish you could send some Indian summer!

Summer in Petoskey is the most expensive time of year - tourist town. Your best bet would be to google Petoskey vacation rentals, lodging, or accomadations. If it doesn't give you a good list, contact the chamber of commerce. September is nice and less expensive.

Have you ever been to Northern Michigan? You ought to give it a try - LOTS of water and trees!

ann said...

September would be great - still very hot in AZ. I am interested in taking a workshop with you though, are there any offered in the Sept timeframe?
I find you blogs/pictures very inspirational!

Catherine said...

September is a great time to do a workshop - things have slowed down and the weather is still nice.

Keep in touch and I will work something out. To put it simply - keep reminding me!

ann said...

I will definitely keep reminding you! Thanks!
It appears I have two logins - I'm tangoann also - dk why that happens!
Did a little research on where Petosky is and discovered it isn't far from where I lived in another lifetime - Essexville.
You do live in a beautiful part of the world!