Painting on Location in September

Sketchbook Journaling at a Farm Market

I spent a beautiful, warm, autumn morning (as opposed to an ugly, cold, summer morning - sorry, I'm a little bitter about the reversal of seasons here) painting at a farm market with friend Cathy. Journal painting takes a lot less concentration than "serious" painting, and it is always fun to do it with a friend.

My newest obsession is finding something interesting and colorful to string with pearls. Disappointingly, the 30 inch strand of pearls that belonged to my great grandmother, Triffina, turned out to be FAKE. Or is it faux when it comes to pearls. Well, let's just say I expected more from someone with a name like Triffina. So now I have to decide if they are worth restringing with turquoise, amber, glass, Etc. Also, I'm not sure I'm a pearl kind of girl. Well, we all know I'm not ~ so I guess that's what makes it fun.

Now I am off to buy MORE ink carteridges for my printer ~ I have a card order to get out today. And today is my husband's birthday. He wants TUNA NOODLE casserole for dinner! He's easy.


Amy said...

Katie asked for that on her birthday one year. I guess she gets it from him (and certainly not from me).

Catherine said...

And certainly not from me.

Marj said...

Love your post of the Farm Market..I think it's Kiteley's. She has a huge flower garden--She also sells my notecards there :-)
What fun to realize how you "saw" it. Have fun with the pearls. You'll create something creative with them!

Marj said...

Oops! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIFF from Marj. & Cliff :-)

Catherine said...

Marj - you had told me what a pretty place it is. It was fun to paint out there. However the flowers are nearly gone.

MY Cliff says thanks for the birthday greeting!