Stephens Lane

One of my Favorite Gardens in Bay View

In reference to my last two posts, I have not figured out how to make the piano "fit in" in the kitchen, and the excavator guys did not come to excavate our property, but the driveway across the corner. That's it for excitement around here ~ none, actually. That can be a good thing.

No classes today. I have cards to package, a lesson plan to fine tune for tomorrow, the sun is shining, and I am inspired to work on some sketches.

Wishing you a productive and creative day!

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Rose Bradley said...

Hi Catherine, I am so sorry I missed you when you came by the Terrace Inn. Thanks for your note. I have thought of you often since our workshop last September. I also recall it was a lot warmer then and dry! I have been looking at your blog postings and it brings back sweet memories. Alice, a lovely guest at the Inn took me for a tour of the Memorial Gardens. What a painters dream! I did not get a chance to paint there, but next year I will. I am coming back, probably the same week in July.
Happy painting today and give my regards to Petoskey.
Rose Bradley