Sketchbook Journals

I Can't Stop Making Them!
I had seen a journal that looked like pretty easy construction, so I spent the day Friday with a friend working it out. We are trying to simplify and still have them sturdy and comfortable to use. Simplify, as in easy to teach and construct in a day. Comfortable, as in opening flat.

Now I have a block of paper of one size with no cover, and a cover of another size with no paper. So, I guess that means I have to construct two more journals.

The sketchbook journals are stacking up ahead of me ~ I am not painting that fast. I'd better get with it.

This week I have some "fancy" events, and I need to figure out what to wear to them. A fancy event means it is something that jeans and a t-shirt would be inappropriate. How hard can this be?! Why is figuring out what to wear always so difficult. Get over it!


Marg said...

I want to learn how to make one of these. The ones I have purchased do not have the paper quality and have been a wate of money. Will you be doing a class in journal construction this fall???

Catherine said...

Marg - I'm kind of experimenting with these. I am going to take a workshop in November, then I'll feel more qualified.

JS said...

Boy can I use some of those journal.

Catherine said...

Thanks JS. They are fun to make. I am doing a little more complicated version now that I really like much better.